• Dualer IQ Pro

    Dualer IQ Pro Digital Inclinometer is the faster, easier, smarter way to measure spine and extremity ranges of motion without a computer. Dualer IQ Pro speeds up spine evaluations with dual inclinometry protocols...
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  • Tracker Software

    In today's healthcare, functional testing and documentation are vital to a successful evidence-based physical medicine practice. With a Tracker Functional Testing and Documentation System, your practice is at the forefront of evidence-based patient care.
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  • Commander Echo®

    Commander Echo is a wireless portable evaluation system bringing advanced levels of sophistication and versatility to outcome assessment equipment. It is a modular system providing the ability to purchase only what you need and the option to add on later...
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  • IsoTrackPro

    IsoTrackPro is a multidimensional strength assessment system that allows you to evaluate strength from isolated muscles and gross muscle strength associated with lifting, pushing and pulling.
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  • JobSite

    Taking the Work Out of Work Analysis. Expand your marketable services while creating safer work environments with JobSite 2 Workplace Analysis software.
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  • Free Support Site
  • Members only extended benifits:
    • 24/7 online training videos.
    • Downloads for software updates
    • Unlimited tech support by phone, email, or chat.

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Top-Notch Programming

Tracker 5 forms the core of JTECH Medical's Objective Functional Testing Solutions, providing a rich selection such as: an intuitive user interface, time saving features like one-click reports and custom testing protocols.

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Loads of Features

JTECH Medical has a vast assortment products with major and minor features, which makes testing customization easy and your clinic productive. Need help? Our Clinic Consultants are ready to help you discover all of the different product features you need.

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