• From Exams to Reports

    From initial testing to final reports, Tracker Version 5 makes functional evaluations simple and thorough. With a Tracker Functional Testing and Documentation System, your practice is at the forefront of evidence-based patient care.
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  • Digital Range of Motion

    From basic extremity range of motion (ROM) to advanced computerized wireless dual inclinometry, JTECH provides reliable, objective range of motion tools for your ROM measurement and documentation needs.
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  • Muscle Strength Testing

    From basic manual muscle testing to advanced multi-dimensional strength assessment, JTECH provides reliable, muscle testing tools for your evaluation and documentation needs. Our muscle testing options set new standards in the testing and documentation of strength loss due to injury or disease. Get the tools you need to quickly and accurately identify muscle weakness in your patients.
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  • Hand Evaluation

    Because hand evaluations are each unique and require great attention to detail, JTECH Medical has developed hardware and software that simplifies and expedites documentation, allowing you to focus your time and attention on your patient, not the paperwork.
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  • Pain Evaluation

    Pain is a difficult phenomenon to express: each person handles and experiences it differently, and what we describe may not be what someone hears. When treating a patient who is experiencing pain, objective measurement is an invaluable tool that allows you to quantify an otherwise ineffable quality.
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  • Lift Task Assessment

    From basic static lifting and NIOSH lifting tests to advanced dynamic lifting and dexterity testing, JTECH provides reliable, lift task assessment tools for your testing and documentation needs
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We Understand You

Our Clinic Consultants understand the needs of clinicians, their varying specialties, and their clinics. We are always ready to help guide you to the solutions that best fit your needs. You can count on our high-quality reliable products, and our dedication to providing superior customer service and support.

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Education Oriented

We are committed to your success by providing many education opportunities. You can choose from our weekly webinars to in-person training. You can also choose from a rich selection of online educational and certification courses though JTECH University.

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Here to Help

Need help? Our Clinic Consultants are ready to help you discover all of the different product features you need. JTECH Medical has a vast assortment of products which makes testing customization easy and your clinic productive.

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